Cogent Florida Applicant Services

Registration Procedures

          Florida Applicants may use any Cogent fingerprint locations in Florida to conduct Level 2 (State and Federal) FDLE Background Checks.

          Providers should click the DCF link when navigating the Cogent Registration Page here. .

          All Applicants must be pre-registered here.Do not proceed to a fingerprint site unless you have completed registration.Applicants are NOT required to make a fingerprint appointment.Fingerprinting is WALK-IN.On Cogentís webpage, navigate to the information page of the Cogent fingerprint site nearest you for hours of operation and special instructions.

          Applicants are responsible for their own registration.Information incorrectly entered during registration and submitted during fingerprinting CANNOT be corrected and is the responsibility of the applicants.Changes to incorrect registration data MAY be corrected online or by telephone prior to fingerprint submission.

          The fingerprint fee for DCF Applicants is $35.50

1.     Applicants may pay online during registration using a debit or credit card.NO MONEY ORDERS or CHECKS

2.     Employers may pay for their Applicants using Billing or Escrow accounts established with Cogent Systems

3.     No cash, money orders, credit card or checks of any kind are accepted at the fingerprint locations.

        Bring valid photo identification and your registration number (obtained upon completion of registration) to the fingerprint site.

To submit a new registration:

1.     The registration page can be accessed from here- click Florida, click Service, click Register Online

2.     The Applicant Registration window will be displayed.Enter data for all required fields.

3.     Click Next.

Figure 3-2 Applicant Registration Step 2 Window

4.     Verify all information on this page.If a correction is needed, click Previous.If everything is correct, click Next.


5.     If you are paying by credit card, the credit card payment window will display.If you have already entered payment information such as BILLING ACCOUNT or ESCROW ACCOUNT information, you will not see this page.


6.     The Registration Complete window will be displayed.


7.     This display contains the Registration ID which should be taken to the fingerprint site and retained for future use.All previously entered registration information will be retrieved by Livescan using the registration ID.